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Photo by Marcia Glover

Coming Fall 2014
from Three Rooms Press




Ron Dakron is a poet and novelist. 

He is the author of five novelsinfra, Newt, Hammers, Mantids and Hello Devilfish!, and three collections of poetry. His work runs the gamut from surrealism to sci-fi pastiche.

Publishers Weekly deemed him "a writer with a fine ear and plenty of gusto."

Kirkus Reviews called his work "cartilaginous prose, soft as fishbone, sense-bending and scattershot as a Robin Williams shtick." says Dakron's work "is among the very small cadre of experimental fiction whose substance actually matches its style."

Point No Point magazine tagged his novels as "a cross between jive bullshit, hip-hop Henny Youngman, and full-tilt Rimbaudian street-smartass sublimity."  

Raven Chronicles judged him "as sinister as a thirteen-year-old with a lighter and a keg of butane."